Boogie Farm

Last week Zach Grey and I headed out for the 2017 Boogie Farm Clam Jam. Two and a half days and 1,100 miles of riding where roads pretty much look like this.... 

Boogie Farm-2.jpg

And staying in towns where motel rooms pretty much looked like this... 

Warm welcome makes it well worth it though. 

Got to meet some awesome people and rip down some Indiana back roads. 

Boogie Farm-32.jpg

Aaaand of course on Saturday the party begins! Tons of games and good times. 

Theres always racing round the track. 

Not a chopper party unless someone gets married. 

Sunday morning started very slowly... But it was time to head home. 

Over all had way to much fun this weekend at the Boogie Farm Clam Jam (and hope there are future ones to come).