Sierra Stake Out Trip

Welp, the trip I had been looking forward to all year came and went. It didn’t disappoint and was by far one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Roughly 2,807 miles riding with one of my best buds, Zach Grey.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 1.28.50 PM.png

Here are some of the highlights. But you can check out and read about the whole trip below. (Apologies it’s a long one. But we packed so much stuff into 9 days…. )

Day 1

On July 17th we left Denver to head to our first stop, camping for a night just outside Salt Lake City with some of the dudes on the Bolts Action trip. Unfortunately it was a bit of a slow start, as we only made it about 60 miles before my bike started running on one cylinder. Turned out my oil line had decided to jump off.

Zach took off to get me some more oil, we put it in, and luckily sportsters are bullet proof, so we were off… For 4 miles…. and then it happened again. But after that,( aside from Zach popping countless fuses the rest of the day) went pretty smoothly and we pulled into the campsite around 10:00 that night.

Day 2

From there it was a short, smooth sailing, 600 mile day to Reno, with a pit stop at the Salt Flats.

Day 3 & 4 Sierra Stake Out

After a night in Reno (learning I’m pretty bad at gambling and that Zach is pretty good), we only had 50 miles to get us to Sierra Stake Out. So we slept in and took our time. After checking in and finding a campsite, we relaxed and swam in the river, and waited for our good friends Jay and Virginia, Malary and Allen.

Sierra Stake Out is really something else. I can’t recommend it enough. Great event, with great people, and some of the most incredible rides I’ve ever been on.

Day 5 & 6

On Sunday Sierra Stake out was over. So Jay, Virginia, Malary, Allen, Zach and I, all packed up camp and headed for San Fransisco. Considering Jay had his 8th, 9th, and 10th breakdowns on the way we made pretty good time getting there.

On Monday, Virginia headed back to work, Malary and Allen rode around checking out the city before catching their flight back to Texas. Zach had some business to attend to at Stanford. So Jay and I took some time to fix a few neglected and broken things on our bikes.

In the afternoon Zach had finished with his obligations, and Jays bike was back up and running. So Jay took us on a ride up Skyline. Another one of the coolest rides I’ve ever been on, getting to see a sunset from above the clouds on a motorcycle is pretty neat. (A free round of shots for stacking beer bottles isn’t bad either.)

Day 7

On Tuesday, Zach and I said our good byes to Jay and Virginia and headed out for Yosemite, were we camped for the night.

Day 8 & 9

In the morning we got an early start and spent a few hours checking out Yosemite Valley, before starting the long ride home. Which is a bit of a brutal 2 day stretch, with too many miles between gas stops for our tanks. There was a lot of filling up with our extra gas cans on the side of the road. But with some wild life sightings, including wild horses (which I’d never seen) and a black bear, and a stop on the extraterrestrial highway, it wasn’t too bad. Made it home a little late on Thursday night, but made it safe and sound non the less.

Looking forward to Sierra Stake Out 2020!