Dodge Challenger Un/domesticate

Alrighty it’s been a minute since I have updated this thing, cause I’m terrible at keeping up with stuff like this. But I’ve been working really hard on a few new personal projects, and now that one of them is finished, I figure its a perfect reason to do a new blog post.

I’ve been moving my portfolio further in the direction of automotive and lifestyle campaigns. So when we happen to get our hands on a brand new blacked out 2019 Dodge Challenger, we kinda had to shoot it.

Web DodgeChallenger_ConceptBoard1.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 28 2019 5.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 28 2019 6.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 28 2019 23.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 28 2019 36.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 28 2019 28.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 28 2019 2.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 27 2019 4.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 27 2019 3.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 27 2019 5.jpg
Dodge Challenger Apr 27 2019 1.jpg

Setting up any project on short notice is always tricky. This was no exception to that. With our original plan being to shoot a “on the run theme” with two models and only about a week to get our ducks in a row. Obviously it didn’t quite go according to plan. We weren’t able to book a second model in time, which also meant some of our crew wouldn’t need to be there.

However sometimes a smaller crew and 1 model makes things less complicated. Which made it pretty easy to run and gun this, and in the long run, I think helped us get more done over the course of two half days. (a sunset one day for motion shots, a sunrise the next for stagnate.) Less is more mentality.

One of the most pressing issues for this shoot, was location. I typically like to have locations scouted a couple of weeks before shooting, in order to plan out my shots, and schedule the shoot day. (But again, about a week to set this up.) After scouting a full day on my own and a couple hours the next day, I only came up with 1 useable spot. and was getting pretty worried. Thank goodness for Ted heron stepping in. Taking an afternoon out of his schedule (2 days before the shoot), to show me some spots!

After shooting and post processing the images, they were turned over to Max Hofert. Who came up with the Un/Domesticate, and put together these rad mock-up ads for us. If you haven’t checked out Max’s work I highly suggest taking a look! Incredibly talented and creative graphic designer. This is the first project we’ve collaborated on and I couldn’t be happier with the images.

Thanks for taking a look, and let me know what you think!